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Executive produced by Masaki Araya
1. M.E.  featuring Mariano Suarez (Masaki Araya)

2. Phenomenal featuring The Asylum (Jonathan Short, Shanton Perry and Kevin Smith)

3. Marvel Girl featuring Billy Tuggle Is Karma Threesixty (Masaki Araya and Billy Tuggle)

4. Get Acquainted featuring TJ Ward (Caruso)

5. Chance featuring Billy Tuggle Is Karma Threesixty(Masaki Araya and Billy Tuggle)

6. Rumor featuring Hawk (Colman Hawk)

7. Hope featuring Andi Kauth (Masaki Araya and Andi Kauth)

8. You In My Life featuring  JT (Masaki Araya)


Mixed by Masaki Araya
Additional editing by Andrew Twiss (1, 2, 4, 6, 8)

Mastered by Danny Leake

Graphic design by Andrew B. Rhoades

©2012 Gam Batte Music

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